Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in Photo Form

Since I got a fancy new camera (an early Christmas gift from my dear husband) and we ended up with 203 different photos this weekend, I thought the best way to recap would be in photo form :)


I didn't have the fancy new camera yet so I borrowed these from my sister-in-law.

There was the coloring of the fireplace (next year there will be a real one):


There was much smiling and laughing:



There was food, and food, and food:



And the playing of the cards (I was reading Pride and Prejudice for the xteenth time):




There was the joy of the camera, and much taking of pictures

Keegan was a favorite subject:

New Camera 011


As were these flowers:

New Camera 032


There are also about 17 of a squirrel in a tree, and 15 of a hawk.  Much fun was had with the camera.

Saturday:  We moved locations, this time to my parents house.

There was much baking (sugar cookies, Chex Mix, chocolate peppermint cheesecake, fudge, Buckeyes and caramels):

New Camera 150

I'm afraid I can't give you the explanation behind this one.  It's a bit risque.

New Camera 154

Are you taking my picture?

New Camera 124

And there was attempting to fix an antenna:

New Camera 162


There was much snow:

New Camera 173

Ashlee likes the snow:

New Camera 183

And that's about it.  That's our weekend in picture form.  After we got home, I watched Pride and Prejudice, worked on lesson plans, and made some Christmas decorations.  That's pretty much been my day.  I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove of things this week--it's been way too long!  I can't believe I've only been at school one day in the last week and a half!

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Anonymous said...

I'm reading Pride and Prejudice right now! It's a little slow-going right now because I'm working on (what I think is) my last care plan of college but I'm loving usual.