Thursday, November 13, 2008


For the first time all week, I am most of the way through my to-do list. It's an exciting feeling. It feels a little like numb and sleep deprived, but we won't focus on that. I finally got my freshmen t-shirts ordered (a plus since spirit week is NEXT week). I am seven journals away from being finished grading (I offered 25 bonus points for turning them in early, so I had about a third before this week).

I think I have my lesson plans for next week pretty well ready. I just need to pack for the weekend and finish up the grading I have, and teach tomorrow, and go back to the t-shirt place...and then I'll be off! For a whole day in Indianapolis! We're having early Thanksgiving with some of Andy's family tomorrow night, and then Saturday I get to see my beautiful LAUREN AND MARGO!!!! I think the last time I saw the two of them together was last APRIL!?!?! That's insane to me. And, we get to try on our bridesmaid dresses for LAUREN'S WEDDING!!! Can you feel the EXCITEMENT? Do I need to CAPITALIZE MORE?

And then, we'll be back in time for LUNCH WITH THE HOFFMAN'S!!! It's been entirely too long since we've been to their house. I need me some sweet Bammy asking, "Hode me," in his sweet little voice...I don't even care if he's using me to get food off the counter :) And Andy and Trevie can rock out and sing together. Oh...bless my heart, I just can't wait!

O true Friday, hopefully thou wilt be quick!
(Loosely adapted from "O true apothecary, thy drugs are quick!")

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