Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And I have a rash on my face

It's 12:10 in the morning.  And I'm still awake.  That's right.  Because I'm insane.  And because I just finished grading finals.  After my wonderful, oh-so-perfect weekend spent with sweet family and dear friends (in Indy and at home!), the reality of this week has set in.  I gave my students their finals on my Monday.  125 questions.  Multiply that by 96, and that's the number of questions I had to grade.  In addition to still teaching.  And planning lessons for Thursday and Friday.  And helping with last minute Spirit Week preparations.  And doing some tutoring.  And I have to have all of my grades finished and posted before I leave school tomorrow, because I leave for San Antonio at 4:30 Thursday morning. 

It's all fine, really, I'll get it done, with a little help from my sweet husband who let me nap on the sofa, bought me my carry on sized toiletries, and brought home dinner from Subway.  I heard a rumor he's thinking about getting me flowers when I get home Saturday too.  I requested the pretty flowers from the grocery store.

  None of that was really the point, though.  I'm sort of just rambling right now.  It's too late for me to up.  And five is going to come too early.  The real issue right now is that in the middle of all of this, my face broke out in a rash.  It's hysterical, really.  My entire face is covered with bumps and it itches.  I noticed it in the shower last night.  I had just taken a not non-drowsy Sudafed to help clear out my sinuses.  Of course, I forgot about that until after I took the Benadryl.  I slept real well last night.   

I had hoped that the rash would be gone this morning, but it wasn't.  In fact, as I was grading exams during my prep period this morning, my eyes started to burn and drain some sort of mucous-y stuff.  So I had a rash on my face, and sort of my neck, my nose was stuffed, and I had drainage seeping from my eye.  I was a sight to behold.  Give me a hunchback and I'll go on the road. 

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