Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sweet San Antonio

Thursday-Saturday I was in San Antonio--deep in the heart of Texas, they say.  It was an enjoyable time.  English teachers know how to rock the party, I guess.  I'll give you a brief rundown of each of our days in Texas.


Leave hours before sunrise.  Fly out before sunrise.  Land in Memphis.  Nearly miss our flight for lack of paying attention.  I begin to get involved in Twilight, much to my chagrin.  I so wanted to hold out and be the rebel that didn't become obsessive about this book.  Of course, obsessive is my middle name.  Land in San Antonio, take a taxi to our hotel.  Head out for lunch.  Decide on Mexican, because Hello!  We're in San Antonio!  Turns out we made a somewhat poor choice.  I got a drink spilled all over me, and when my colleague (the one the drink belonged to) asked if the waiter was going to replace what he spilled, he brought her a teeny tiny cup to replace the exact amount lost.  Most of the food was fair to not good.  The service was awful.  We were sorely disappointed.  We spent our afternoon doing some sightseeing (Remember the Alamo!  All five feet of it!) and then went back to the hotel to rest. 

 April08 417

My roommate had been sick on Tuesday before we left, and got miserably ill Thursday afternoon.  I stayed clear and read my book that I was obsessive about.  That's how I finished it that afternoon.  That night, we went to dinner at the Houston Street Bistro.  It was hands down the best dining experience of the trip.  Every last one of us spent the meal raving about our food.  We didn't get over it for the rest of the trip.


My dear roomie and I went to Shipley donuts (hello, my love...that was THE best donut experience I have ever had).  I was thrilled.  We did some business that morning, checking out a few sessions and some poster exhibits, etc.  We stopped by the Chili's at the mall for lunch that day.  Poor roomie of mine got sick, again.  She was miserable.  We decided to spend the afternoon in a "special session" about vampires in Washington State.  It was time okay spent.  The session was a bit of a letdown, because it was pretty terribly acted.   The more I think about it though, I'd like to see that session again.  I might like it better the second time around.   Then we headed back to the hotel, because we were meeting a group of teachers from a neighboring school district that we are involved in an educational technology grant with.  That sounds kinda confusing, I know.  But we did our dinner thing with them, and called it quits for the night. 


Breakfast at Shipley donuts again.  Be still my aching heart, some day I will come back to you my donut love!  We hit a few more sessions, and learned some cool teacher tricks.  We had lunch at The Charter House, on top of the Tower of the Americas, which sort of looks like the Space Needle.  It was pretty sweet action. 

April08 420

Then we went back and wandered through the exhibit hall, picking up some free books and product ideas.  Then it was time to head to the airport and go home.  I bought the second Twilight book at the airport, and read it on our flight.  All in all, it was a pretty relaxed traveling evening.

One more picture, before I go.  These statues have no hands, and look sort of they might be poking fun a bit.  I really don't know, but I enjoyed them :)

April08 428

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