Monday, February 27, 2012

Scattered Thoughts

Liam is refusing to nap today.  He’s lying in his crib yelling at me and I’m ignoring him.  It’s for his own good…and he’s not screaming..he’s talking and randomly shouting, “Ahamama” or “Baa”  We took a two mile walk in the park to try to calm him down, but it didn’t seem to work today.  There is a playground exactly one mile from our that it’s a great turning around point….not so much that it isn’t a super toddler friendly playground….we’ll figure out this summer what Liam can/can’t play on…for now, as a non-walker, he just gets to look at it as we walk by.

Liam is refusing to nap for two reasons (that I’m aware of).  One—he is getting his first tooth.  A bit of white is poking out of his gums today, so there’s that.  And two, he has a cold.  He hasn’t been breathing the best and we’ve been up the last 3 nights.  Andy is also sick, so it’s just not a fun house to be in right now.  And I’m sucking down coffee to stay awake and Emergen-C to stay well.

Andy repainted our bathroom while Liam and I were gone last weekend (not the one that just ended…the one before).  We were at my mom and dad’s for the weekend for Mariah’s bachelorette party, Mariah’s bridal shower, and Theodore’s birthday party—we packed a lot into our little weekend.  There are two trains of thought coming from this—first, the bathroom.  Andy painted it and I love it.  It’s a blue-gray color and it’s so peaceful and bright.  We are going to paint the vanity, replace the mirror, and I have a few minor accessories to switch up, and I’ll post pictures.  It’s about to usurp Liam’s room as my favorite in the house.

Second, the weekend—we had a blast.  Here is a favorite picture of mine that my sister sent….it’s the reality of trying to take a picture with a two year old and a nine month old…and I loved what Shannon said as we were taking it, “We only have two kids right now”…as in, this picture is going to get so much harder in the next few years as our little families expand. (Side note…we totally need a whole group shot at Mariah’s wedding…like with our husbands)


That second one is better.

And lastly….I am finally trying to do something about my baby weight.  It’s disgusting (see above).  So I am kicking my butt into gear…and posting it here for accountability.  Liam and I have been going for walks most days (when it’s warm enough), and I have been doing some exercise videos.  I ordered two new ones last week….one is a post natal workout that is supposed to be excellent for abs…several of the reviews said, “I had my child seventeen (or some other number) years ago, and this workout has helped me to recover a bit of what my abs looked like before”  So I didn’t feel too bad about my nine month old.  Andy and I talked this weekend, and he’s super supportive of anything I want to do….so my goal right now is to eat healthfully, exercise 4-6 times a week, and not be a gluttonous slob.  I created an incentive program for myself….I am breaking my goal down into increments…because the actual number I need to lose is scary big.  Each time I hit an incremental goal, I get to buy a new outfit.  This helps in a few ways…first, I really don’t have many clothes, and I need some new ones…and two, I will stay focused because I want to hit that goal.  I think this may be my first outfit….only now it seems kind of masculine to me, and I may pick something else…or go with a shorter short and a shoe with some heel or something metallic:


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