Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Green Smoothie

Someone *mysistercough* has asked me a few different times how I make my green smoothies, so I thought I would share here so that she can get finally try it, and finally remember it.  She’s a very busy girl with a lot going on in her brain, so I thought I’d make this a little easier.

First off, there is really no right way to do this….this is just the way I usually end up doing it.

I like to use almond milk for my smoothies….plain or vanilla.  Always unsweetened.  I’ve considered trying chocolate soy milk with banana, but I haven’t done it.  I’d have to remember to buy chocolate soy milk (which I really do love) and that’s not always something that happens.  So my first step is to mix a handful of spinach and almond milk in the blender.  The spinach gets much smoother this way, and you don’t end up with a leaf in your smoothie.

Once I have my green almond milk/spinach concoction, I just add whatever.  Lately I’ve been using the Golden Fruit blend from Schwans…it has pineapple, mango, peach, and strawberry, and it tastes almost tropical.  Sometimes I do just mango and peach.  Or just strawberry and something.  If we have bananas that are about to go bad (which means they are fully yellow in this house….we like our bananas nearly ripe…not fully ripe), I chop them up and freeze them to toss into smoothies. 

You can add lots of other stuff…flax seed, peanut butter, yogurt….but most days I just add a little water to make my smoothie drinkable through a straw.  I would like to try it with peanut butter/banana, but I share my smoothie with Liam (it’s easily one of his favorite foods), so no pb yet. Sometimes if I want it to taste really tropical, I’ll add a squirt of cream of coconut (the mixer you use to make pina coladas).  And that’s it.  If I was smart, I would have taken a picture…but I didn’t.

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