Monday, February 6, 2012

Random pictures

Here are a few recent pictures…from different days, but all sweet!

January 2012 024

Boy clothes are 116 percent less cute than girl clothes…but this outfit makes me happy to have a boy…I love every bit of it.  From the two pocket jacket to the graphic onesie to the cords and the sweet action shoes.  Also, every piece of this outfit is from Old Navy or Baby Gap.  Wait..the pants are Osh Kosh…I forgot that.

January 2012 026

It’s rough being Ollie.  You know..the life where you steal avocados and leap into the bathtub with your brother and father and get dried off by your mom who had to pull avocado peel from your mouth while telling you you’ll be lucky to make it your second birthday.

January 2012 030

Super love the Hamlet quote…and it’s super appropriate for Liam’s current nap situation (thanks Shannon!)

January 2012 034

This happens every day.

January 2012 038

Guess whose groomer left the shop she was working at?  Guess whose parents are going to cave and pay someone else even though they don’t want to?  This guy!

January 2012 043

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