Friday, February 10, 2012

Liam at 9 months

Liam Cook, you are no longer a bitty babe.  You are, in fact, quite large.  You weigh 23 lbs and 1 oz, and you are 30 inches long.  You are in a size three diaper, but I may change you soon. It’s been leaving marks on your thighs and I accidentally yanked a tab off the other night trying to put one on you, so I may buy a small pack of fours and see if that works better.

You like to play and yell and talk all the time.  You can say dada (or dadadadada) but you don’t really know that your dad is your dada.  You also say baba, and something that sounds a little like hey.  And you grunt.  And shout ahahahh.  You sit really well, and you go onto all fours and rock, but you aren’t crawling or pulling up yet.  Your dad is freaking out about it.  He thinks you’re delayed (you aren’t…you are fine) because you aren’t progressing as quickly as Madelyn, who is three weeks older than you.  But Madelyn is a girl, and the sixth child in her family, so I’m not too worried.  Daddy decided today that you have to start getting things for yourself.  He will turn on your light up toys and put them where you can’t reach them to try to force you to get them.  It’s all kind of funny.  We do spoil you…picking up your toys and moving you, so that’s probably why you aren’t moving.  So we’ll go with Daddy’s plan and make you work a little more. 

You are a good sleeper, but a very sensitive sleeper.  I think every baby has their own sleep personality, and yours is great…as long as you are at home, in your own routine, and we do everything exactly the same every time.  You wake up, you take a nap two hours after you wake up…your next nap comes about two hours after you wake up from that nap, and you go to bed around 6.  You may wake up at 4ish for a bottle, or you (rarely these days) sleep on through.  You usually get up sometime after 7 for the day.  If any of these steps are off, you get really agitated.  If you don’t nap well, you have night terrors.  They are horrible.  This is why we don’t go places very often…or if we do, we go between naps.  You had night terrors last Saturday at Grandma and Grandpa Cook’s, and we ended up leaving their house and driving home late at night to get you in your own bed.  You also had them Wednesday night….you were up late on Tuesday and Wednesday night, and you had an abbreviated morning nap on Wednesday.  They were the worst they have ever been on Wednesday…you woke up, which is rare, but then you couldn’t fall back asleep.  I ended up walking you to sleep and having you lie with me for a few hours on the sofa before I put you back down.  Then you were really upset when you woke up at 4…it took Daddy and I both to comfort you.

You went to your first funeral this month.  Your 108 year old great-great-grandma passed away.  You talked a lot during the service, so we had to leave.  You were very pleasant, but you didn’t want to be quiet.

You think Ollie is your BFF.  He’s not quite as sure about you.  You yank his hair a lot.  Bath time is your favorite time.  You splash around in the tub with your dad and you both think it’s the best.  Sometimes Ollie tries to climb in the tub with you to get your toys.

Liam, we love you…you are the best!

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