Thursday, February 23, 2012

Several for the baby book

Liam has been picking up new skills right and left.  Since Sunday, he has waved bye-bye, clapped, and given kisses.  He leaned in and kissed Mariah on Sunday at Theodore’s birthday party (the open mouth on the cheek). He did it like four times in a row before I realized what he was doing…and then he kissed Mariah and Shannon before we left.  Since then, he’s been kissing when you give him your cheek.  Most of the time…not always. 

He started clapping on Tuesday.  He gets excited or angry and he starts clapping.  He won’t clap when I clap, but today, we were at a friend’s house, and he was clapping every time their four-year-old daughter clapped.  She would clap, then he would clap, and she would shout, “Congratulations.”  He also tried to kiss her on the cheek.

The bye-bye wave was today.  I was holding him at the friend’s house, and he just started waving his little hand.  No idea.  I’ve only see him do it that one time.

And he says Mamamama, rarely.  He did it Friday night when he was with my dad and Lauren, and then he did it yesterday.  He also stood unsupported for about five seconds yesterday.  And he started trying to pull up in his pack-n-play today.  I need to tell Andy that, so we can lower the crib.  And he is army crawling everywhere and trying to sit/stand in weird ways.

And the funniest/best/worst of all.  He threw his first temper tantrum today.  The girls had these little Mighty Mini popsicles, and Liam wanted one.  He was screaming and trying to crawl over me to get to his sweet friend’s popsicle.  It’s a good thing she had already asked him to be her prince (oh..yeah…Liam is now Prince Peach Pickles…or Pardner…), because with that kind of behavior, she wouldn’t have afterwards.  Now how does that sweet boy know about popsicles enough to want one?  Oh, you know, his Grandpa Cook shared one with him a few weeks ago in Indy.  He was a fan that day, but I had no idea he would remember them enough to want one today.  But he did.  And he ate pretty much the whole thing.  I sucked on it a few times.  It’s very small…probably not more than an inch long, but still….Liam ate a whole popsicle.  And it was the right brand (Popsicle) and everything…and they were seriously cool!

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Cris said...

Go Unilever!!! When he starts holding them on his own, get the ones that are slow melt.


Love Aunt Cris