Friday, March 2, 2012


Our little portion of Indiana was hit hard today by multiple tornadoes.  One hit in Chelsea, a small town just south and west of Hanover.  There are reports of either 3 or 4 fatalities in our county…the three being a four year old and her grandparents.  The news keeps saying that there are whole houses missing in Chelsea.  Henryville and Marysville (both about a half hourish from here) were hit…Marysville is said to be wiped off the map.  The Henryville high school was hit…with students inside.  In Milton, the town in Kentucky right across the river from us, a tornado wiped out one of their fire houses.  There is damage and debris everywhere….There are pieces of sheet metal in our neighborhood….and they are definitely not from our neighborhood.  The local paper put up this video with an interview from a bus driver and some shots of the funnel cloud and damage.

We are fine.  We were blessed abundantly….Liam and Ollie and I took shelter in our hall closet for about forty-five minutes this afternoon, and that was it.  Ollie was scared and sat in my lap shaking, Liam thought it was really funny for the first thirty minutes, and then screamed the last fifteen.   Andy ended up in his boss’s basement…the building he works in is not safe, and he couldn’t get home (the roads were closed in our direction…likely because of the tornadoes). 

We are all fine, but I want to ask you to pray for the families who aren’t fine tonight.  My heart is breaking for these families, and Andy and I have been praying for them….so please, if you think of it, pray for these families and these communities. 


Cris said...

Thanks for the update. I have been watching the news on southern IN and wondering how close is was to you.

Stay safe

Love Aunt Cris

Anonymous said...

Definately praying for you and all of storm victims watched and wondered new it was close to Madison. Grams