Monday, March 19, 2012

For Aunt Lauren

Lauren asked me last night what is on Liam’s birthday wish list.  I had a few thoughts…the first is that my son’s first birthday is entirely too close for my liking.  The second was that I had no idea.  But I thought about it some more, and here’s what I came up with:

I think he will shortly be to the stage where he likes things with wheels, like trucks or cars or dump trucks.  Like some of these:

From Target


From Amazon


Musical instruments are always a hit…he has a drum, and he’s getting a xylophone, and a guitar, but something like this keyboard might be fun.


Also, Megabloks (I think I saw these cheaper at Wal-Mart and Target…so no link here)


Also…any kind of ball (he’s a big fan right now…we roll them back and forth and throw them around).  Or anything he can use outside or in the bathtub or in his baby pool this summer. 


Easy wooden puzzles, like this:

51 5e3IecwL__SL500_AA300_

Or new board books…we read between 4-10 a day, so it’s always nice to get some new ones in the mix.

But seriously.  Lauren.  Whatever.  He will like whatever.  Because he’s a wee boy who just likes playing…and playing hard.

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