Thursday, March 22, 2012

The lack of sleep going on up in here is incredible

This house is sleep deprived.  Every member.  And we handle it in different ways.  Liam freaks out and can’t sleep, thus making it harder for everyone.  Andy eventually crashes and hears nothing (no baby screaming, no wife crying, nothing).  Ollie finds a corner and hides to catch some sleep…and stares at you with the evil eye when you disturb him.  And I cry.  Why the no sleep?  Well…it’s a combination of things.  One…Liam just isn’t sleeping.  If I was guessing, I think we’re getting another tooth.  Tooth number one involved a really snotty nose for a few weeks and a lot of sleep troubles.  And this week we have a really snotty nose and a lot of sleep troubles.  And two, Andy’s been working late.  Like 1 AM and 3 AM late.  And when he isn’t home, I can’t go to bed.  I can doze off on the sofa, but let’s be honest, sofa sleep isn’t restful…not like bed sleep.  It’s not that I don’t want to go to bed…I really, really do.  But there’s the Ollie factor.  Ollie is a total guard dog, and he won’t go to bed if Andy’s not home.  And he barks like mad anytime there is a disturbance outside.  Like….a car driving down the street.  Or a car door closing three streets over.  Or a shift in the wind.  So….when Andy isn’t home, I have to stay in the living room so I can get Ollie outside quickly when Andy gets home….so Ollie doesn’t wake Liam up barking.  And, you know, I like to see my husband for a few minutes too.  So we have been going to bed late…and Liam has been waking up more. 

Here’s last night for you:

1 AM Andy gets home for a few minutes, leaves to go back to work…takes Ollie with him so I can go to bed…so I get to bed about 1:30 (there is a reason for all this….I will likely explain sometime in the future).

3 something.  Andy and Ollie get home and wake me up briefly.

4 AM Liam wakes up.  Andy just got to bed, so I do the night feeding (which we haven’t had in several days)

5 AM Liam is screaming.  I take him to couch and get him to sleep.  He shifts position every 10-12 minutes, so I’m up at least that much….but really, I don’t sleep for some of those time periods

7:30 AM  Liam is up for the day.  So I am up for the day.

So…yay for iced coffee!  But I do have two funny Liam stories to counteract my sleep complaining.

1. Yesterday, Andy decided to give Liam a bath while he was home for lunch (we did see him for about 45 minutes during the day yesterday).  Andy turned on the water to run the bath, and Liam crawled into the bathroom and pulled himself up on the tub so someone would take his clothes and diaper off and he could get in.  We were both dying laughing….I think the boy likes bath time.

2.  Also yesterday, Liam and Ollie truly played together.  They have been playing some off and on the past few weeks…but Liam tried to chase Ollie around the loveseat yesterday.  Ollie took one of his toys…and he went after it.  And Ollie thought it was so fun….he kept coming back and prancing as Liam tried to keep up…clearly, Liam’s crawl is no match for Ollie’s run at this point.  It was the sweetest, funniest thing.

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