Monday, March 12, 2012

No sleep, mo’ problems

Liam Cook is in a sleep crisis.  It might not be a crisis for him, but it is for me.  His sleep has been horrible for the past few weeks, and when I think it can’t get worse, it does.  This weekend was one of the worst….I stood sobbing, holding Liam as he wailed inconsolably at Andy’s parents house in the middle of the night…Andy stood by repeating, “Stop, both of you stop.”  I ended up sleeping with him Friday and Saturday night…which we’ve never done.  I was so paranoid about it, and he was so restless that I was lucky to get maybe three hours of sleep each night.  As a result, this desperate exhausted feeling has caused some sorta funny things to happen.  So here is a list of sleep desperation stories:

--This morning, I tried to put Ollie in the pack and play.  So I could take Liam out to pee.

--I cannot speak a full sentence.  At least not in proper English.  My speech has gone straight to hillbilly land.

--Yesterday Andy and I listened to some of the worst music of our life because Liam wasn’t screaming during it on the ride home.  That’s true love…and desperation.

--I’m so tired that the Taco Bell taco with the Dorito hard shell sounds good to me.  I’m so ashamed of myself.

--There was a conversation that Andy and I had this morning that made me laugh.  It was the whole reason I started this post.  But I’m so tired I can’t remember it right now.  If it comes to me later, I will edit and add.

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