Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today….or parenting failure :)

Okay….so I will go back and cover what has happened up until now.  But I kind of need some time to process through the events of the past week.  In a lot of ways, it was the best week of my life, but it was also the worst.  It was a traumatic week, and I need some time sort through it in my head.  So I’ll get there.  But this is a lighter moment.

Liam had his first doctor’s appointment today.  He saw the pediatrician that I love, so I was so excited.  He has gained all birth weight back, and grown a half-inch in the past week.  Sadly, the poor boy had thrush and a diaper rash, so he got his first antibiotics.  As we left the doctor’s office, I realized my house keys weren’t in my purse.  They were on the table at home.  The last time I had checked my purse was before Liam was born, and I just assumed I had my keys…but I didn’t.  So I had to call Andy and ask him to run and grab Liam’s prescriptions and to let us in the house.

Andy ran to Walgreens and they only had one of his prescriptions available, so he had to go to CVS to get it.  In the meantime, my mom and Liam and I were sitting in the car in the driveway waiting for him.  It was time for Liam to eat, and we had accidentally left his bottle at home.  I thought Mom grabbed it, and she thought I did (which was fair…since I packed the rest of the diaper bag).  So my poor boy had to sit in the car and wait for his lunch while his daddy had to run around town….luckily they are both pretty easy-going and we all had a good laugh about it (well…Liam didn’t laugh..he had a good sleep about it :)).

So here’s to hoping I can get my act together a little bit better next time.

Oh…and Andy apparently left his house keys this morning for my mom…but we didn’t realize it…so he had to break in through a window to get in the house when he got back.  Good times.

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