Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Morning

Liam is here.  And he's sweet.  Andy and I can't stop looking at him.  Andy has pronounced him our sweet boy no fewer than 45 times a day.  He is completely head over heels—and so am I.  The only pictures that have been loaded to my computer are the ones from before his bath Tuesday night, but Andy's mom took a few more today where he's clean.  I'll try to get those up sometime may have to wait until after we get home.

A few noteworthy things (and really, prayer requests)

-I have an infection.  My fever keeps spiking periodically (up to 104.1 at one point today…and 103.8 another) and they are working to get it figured out.  I had a lot of bloodwork done today so they will get the results soon and find out what it is.  Until then I get iv antibiotics a few times a day.  And a lot of Tylenol, Motrin, and Percoset.

-Liam met with the physical therapist today.  Because he was breech, he likes to lay in a frog position, so we have some exercises to do with him each time he gets his diaper changed to help him get centered and his muscles develop properly.  He hates getting his diaper changed, and really his exercises and cries when Andy does them with him (I haven't changed a diaper or done the exercises yet).  We will also have to get an ultrasound on his hips at one month and six to make sure they are okay, but both the pediatrician and physical therapist thought he looked okay there.

-Feeding….it's going, but not well.  Liam won't latch and stay on.  I am supposed to meet with the lactation consultant today and see if she can help me out.  One of the problems we are having is probably from the c-section too, and should work itself out….but a lot of is our boy is stubborn.  He doesn't really want to work for his meal, and he gets frustrated and quits easily.

-And lastly—showering. I haven't showered since Monday night before I went into labor.  I am a hot mess, especially with the sweating I've been doing as my fever comes down.  So here's to hoping I get to take my first shower today :)

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