Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Outing

Liam got to go on his first outing that wasn’t to the hospital last night.  We went for a walk in the park next to our house.  It was a family affair—Andy’s mom had Keegan, Andy had Ollie, and I got to walk with Liam and his stroller.  Here’s our boy in his stroller (which is way too big for him right now…even with the Snuzzler to tuck him in….I think we’ll be using his carseat attachment until he gets just a bit bigger).



This picture was taken after the walk….when it started sprinkling and we couldn’t get our family shot outside. 

Also—can I tell you how much I love little boys in striped onesies—that one is from Baby Gap and it makes me all sorts of happy….especially since he got it in 0-3 mos. from Andy’s parents neighbors, and 6-12 mos. from a cousin of the Cooks.

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