Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rotten Dog

I am down to my last week of work.  This Friday will be my last day at school…because odds are pretty good that Liam will be coming the week after.  Andy and I are in crazy planning/finish up everything mode right now (including a list for Target tomorrow night that may be the longest non-grocery list of my life).  We have a few other things on the list too…like installing car seat bases, Andy getting a whooping cough vaccine, packing hospital bags, making a baby book, and deciding what to do about newborn photos….and you know, a healthy dose of staring at each other and freaking out.

As we processed our list this afternoon, I was really thankful that I got all of my school lesson plans done last week.  It will be one less thing to worry about this week.  I was talking to Andy about what a relief it is to not be worrying about school stuff…and I bent down and picked Ollie up.  I started talking to him, and I told him, “Ollie, guess what?  This is the last Monday that Mommy has to go to work.  She’ll be home to play with you and Liam after this week!”

And he started to make a whining, crying noise.  Andy nearly fell off the sofa laughing so hard.

Ungrateful dog.  See if I share my Cheerios with him in the morning. :)

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