Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Shower #1

This weekend I was blessed to have BOTH of my baby showers.  The first was at home (literally…at my mom and dad’s house) on Saturday.  It was seriously so cute.  My wonderful college roommate, Lauren, put everything together, and in true Lauren fashion, it was incredible.  Lauren has a real knack for details and party planning….she is an awesome nurse, but I think she could totally be an awesome party planner as well.  She’s a multi-talented woman :)  Here are the pictures, with my commentary of course :)
Ashley's Baby Shower 011

The welcome sign—how cute is it?  Seriously.

Ashley's Baby Shower 013

Liam’s name banner—she did his first and middle name with the kites, and it was so sweet.

Ashley's Baby Shower 016

A sweet kite on the deck doors

Ashley's Baby Shower 021 Ashley's Baby Shower 022 Ashley's Baby Shower 023 Ashley's Baby Shower 050

Food and favors—everything was SO good.  Somehow I missed getting a donut….which is funny because they were totally an inside joke from the first year Lauren and I lived together. 

Ashley's Baby Shower 033 Ashley's Baby Shower 043

Details—the things that make everything special (LO—I loved your note to Liam—made me weepy and laughy)

Ashley's Baby Shower 045

Liam at 33 weeks

Ashley's Baby Shower 056 Ashley's Baby Shower 062

Party time :)  Can I just say that I loved all the games from this weekend?  I have NEVER thought that after baby or bridal showers—but the games at BOTH showers were so fun and quick!  In the first picture, Lauren is leading the game, and in the bottom, Tamara, Mariah and Kari are playing along (Kari is due just three weeks after me!  how fun!)  (Mom—sorry about your face in the back there) 

Ashley's Baby Shower 096 Ashley's Baby Shower 114

Unwrapping presents—most of these pictures have my face in weird contortions, so this is all you’re going to see :)  In the bottom picture, the picture is actually a fun story.  I made that giraffe in art class in sixth grade and it was chosen as the piece to be framed for that year (the art teacher chose one piece of art from the whole school each year to have professionally framed and then hung in the office).  They originally said I would get it back when I graduated high school, but I never did.  Tamara saw it a few weeks ago and asked if she could give it to my mom.  So they wrapped it up and gave it to me as one of my gifts.  It was such a sweet, fun surprise—I’d forgotten all about it until I saw it.

Ashley's Baby Shower 136 Ashley's Baby Shower 139 Ashley's Baby Shower 142 Ashley's Baby Shower 143 Ashley's Baby Shower 144

And some of the guests….seriously such a fun morning!  Thank you to Lauren and Lauren and Mom for all of your work—it was such a sweet morning!!


jami said...

omg i almost cried when i saw all these pictures! lauren did do such an amazing job and the shower looked so cute :) i am so happy for you ashley and can't wait to see pictures. when are you due again? i know i've asked you probably 10 times!

Ashley said...

Jami, you're so sweet :)

I'm due May 21.