Friday, April 22, 2011

When right side up is upside down

At my appointment yesterday, the doctor checked me to see if I was dilating yet.  I am, barely, at 1 cm.  Beyond that, though, we had a bit of a problem.  She was pretty sure that it was not Mr. Liam's head she was feeling, but his rump.  I had actually wondered about that earlier in the week when I felt a solid rounded thing under my ribs.  It seemed too hard to be a bottom, but I wasn't sure.  The ultrasound machine confirmed it—Liam is currently breech.  Since I'm only 35 weeks and 6 days, it's not a huge cause for concern yet.  He still has time to turn on his own.  If he doesn't move in the next two weeks, then we'll have to take some action.  I'm praying he moves, because neither option is one that I'm particularly thrilled about.  So that's where we are…praying for Liam to move on his own in the next two weeks, so he can make like a fetus and head out….(that's a favorite phrase of my high school seemed appropriate)

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