Monday, April 11, 2011

Sometimes you get an itch you just can’t scratch

Oh I am hilarious.  Because I do have an itch.  Get it?  How funny. 

Okay.  Not really.  I actually have bloody little scabs and some pock marks down my arms and legs and stomach from my itching.  So I’m going to look like the awkward kid at prom with all the scars.  I joke—I’ve never met anyone that meets that description—I think it’s totally a stereotype that doesn’t work.

Okay.  Moving on.  I itch.  You get that.  But I’m trying to do other things to keep my mind off of it.  I made myself a list of goals for the week.  Today, I want to clean out Andy’s drawers and do laundry.  You know….clean out his drawers, and clean his drawers…HAHA!  Is that too much?  I’m in a weird mood right now.  Like giddy and goofy, but I might also fall asleep standing up.

So today I’m cleaning drawers.  I really want to clean out my own…but it just doesn’t make sense to do right now.  My wardrobe is in serious disarray—I have things stashed all over the house in strange spots and our bedroom is a total pit right now.  I think it might make me feel better to have Andy’s drawers clean because it means I have some control over something in the house.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there youngun!When you hold that precious one in your arms you won't worry about now.