Saturday, April 9, 2011

Refreshing Night

Sometimes at the end of the week, you just need a night to have a little bit of fun.  Last night was that night.  This past week has been kind of hard.  My rash was obviously a major issue, but there was a lot of other stuff going on at work that made for a really difficult week.  By the end of yesterday, I took off out of the parking lot quicker than I ever have before.

When Andy got home, we quickly decided that we probably needed to eat out (mostly because I haven’t purchased groceries in about 4 weeks and it’s slim pickins around here).  We went downtown to Sakka Blue, but they were out of seats.  Literally.  They have become instantly popular and it’s almost impossible to get a seat, which is awesome, except when you’re 34 weeks pregnant, on Prednisone, and constantly starving.  So we decided to go elsewhere.  I suggested we just start walking towards the rest of downtown and decide on something that looked good as we approached.  There was a slight problem with that, though.  Nothing else looked good.  We reached the end of downtown (like a mile and half down the road) and hadn’t made a choice.  Andy stopped into a shop to pick something up and I took a break on a bench.  And then we turned around and came back.  At this point, I was hungry, itchy, and sweaty.  And trying hard to not have a bad attitude.  It was really a beautiful evening (the first one we’ve had in a long time), but I was getting sweaty.  We ended up realizing that there was a restaurant right next to Sakka Blue that we knew nothing about.  It’s called The Lady and the Lion, and the menu looked good, so we gave it a try.  The service was so g00d—which is often a huge complaint of mine at any restaurant we eat at in town—there is never any good service here, and our dinner was great.  I had the chicken cordon bleu with broccoli and a baked potato.  It was all really yummy.  Andy ordered spaghetti and meat sauce, and a side order of lobster mashed potatoes (weird, I know…I laughed at him).  He really enjoyed both as well—I tasted his potatoes and they were really good.

So in the end, I got to have a wonderful meal with my husband, and a beautiful walk downtown.  Then when we got home, I decided I didn’t want to be cooped up indoors just yet.  It was too nice out for that.  So I changed into shorts (my legs are too rash-y for shorts in public….but I’ll wear them in the backyard) and we grabbed Oliver and went out back.  Andy decided to start a fire in the firepit, and we spent the next few hours outside, just the three of us, hanging out.  We figured out our plans for the backyard and the garage this summer.  We talked about Liam and his arrival and what that will mean for all of us.  We played with Oliver and laughed at how much he LOVES playing in the backyard.  It was honestly one of the best night’s I’ve had in a long time.  Now I’m excited to go to Lowes today and start our spring project list—I feel slightly rejuvenated after a restful night :)

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