Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The weekend and then the insanity

Last weekend was all sorts of fun.  We had a houseful (literally…not enough seats in the house) of guests and it was a total blast.  A few weeks ago, Andy's friend Blake had asked if he could come visit before Liam arrived, since he had never been to our house before.  We readily accepted—Blake is a family favorite around here.


Shortly after, Andy's friend Josh heard about Blake coming, and he hopped on the bandwagon.  Then Blake's roommate Ty decided to join the party.  So basically, our house was about to be overrun by testosterone (which I suppose I should get used to, since we're about to experience the Andy, Ollie, and Liam man trifecta).


Then, the best part happened.  Jon and Carrie decided to come for Saturday—that's right, a girl—and one of my favorites to boot!  Then John and Desiree decided to drop by for a few hours (you know…make the two hour drive from Indy and drop in).  And that's when I got really excited.


We ended up having a fun time.  I almost peed my pants in CVS Friday night laughing so hard…and was never so thankful to NOT run into someone I knew while I was there.  We had awesome donuts and hung out.  The boys built a man cave in Andy's office that may well go down as Nerd Fest: 2011 in the books.  They crammed computer and man parts into every spare inch of space that room had to offer.  Carrie and I hung out, and then Desiree joined us.  We did dinner at the new sushi/Chinese buffet in town that opened Friday.  We played some games, and then spent many an hour Saturday night just talking and hanging out.  It was a great time…I really liked just lying on my living room floor, talking to old friends.  It felt a small bit like being in college again…which made me realize just how long ago that was.  We are definitely growing up, and life is definitely different now.  It's crazy how that happens.


The Harrises and the Lanes went home, but the boys stayed until Sunday, where they got to witness a man at church telling me that I was "waddling right along."  Sadly, they all missed the old lady who called me Fatso.  Only our friend Martin got to hear that one.  I got so tickled that I waddled right into the new Mexican restaurant (I think it opened last weekend too) in town and made a real Fatso of myself with my chicken chimichanga.  I crack myself up.  Seriously.  I think it's hilarious the things people say. 


The boys eventually went home, and we regained a small bit of normalcy in our house.  I say a small bit because I've never seen so much junk food in my house.  It's crazy.  And I keep eating it…which is probably why I don't keep it in my house.  You know, so I don't waddle regularly ;) 


I am glad we got to enjoy last weekend because this week is kind of a doozy.  I have the academic superbowl competition tonight, so I won't be home until almost 11.  Then tomorrow night is parent teacher conferences so I won't be home until late again.  We were supposed to have our OB Prep visit to pre-register at the hospital early this afternoon, but it got rescheduled.  I'm actually kind of glad…it makes today feel a little less stressful to me.  And my OB appt. on Thursday is with a different doctor, so it's not until 4:50…so I'll be home later than normal then too.  And then Mom and Dad and Lauren are coming this weekend—which I am over the moon excited about!!

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