Friday, July 30, 2010

Coming to a sofa near you.

Not really.  Unless, you know, you’re at my house.  Which, if you’re my friend, you can totally do.  Any time.  Just call ahead of time so I can make sure everyone is wearing pants when you arrive.  You would not believe the number of times we’ve had someone drop by and someone had to race back to put on pants.  And it’s not always the same someone….sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s Andy.

Wait.  I wasn’t talking about pants.  Was that too much?  Probably.  Sorry, mom.  I bet you thought you taught me better than that, huh?

I was talking about sofas.  And pillows.  I remember now.

Our living room is undergoing a bit of a transformation.  Pretty minor, really.  But a bit of a lightening up.  And adding of some textural interest.  I don’t really know that that means anything, but it sounded good, right? 

For the last several years, the brown and turquoise combination has been what has made my palms sweaty and knees weak (that, and Andy Cook).  And I still love it.  But there’s a new sheriff in this town.


So, the house accessories are undergoing a bit of a transformation.  I’m getting smarter.  I’m making sure all of our big pieces are neutral, and then I can change in bits and pieces as we go. 

So….some of the pieces of this transformation include this entertainment center


These pillows

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And these placemats/napkins that will go around some pillow inserts that used to be in our bedroom and are currently chilling out in storage.  I got the genius idea for the placemats and napkins as pillows from this blog when I realized I totally had unused pillows lying around, and that the napkins were like 4 dollars and a whole new pillow would be 20.  Hello savings!

We also have this lamp to enter into the mix.


The curtains are just white VIVAN panels from IKEA, and we have some bamboo matchstick blinds (I’m totally obsessed with these….want them in every room) to hang.

And I would love to get two of these shelves one tall, one short ( but maybe white to try to lighten up the room?) to try to slip into corners for extra storage….especially with the KASSETT DVD boxes that are made to fit in these shelves to hold our movie collection out of sight, but not out of mind.  Our movies could go on the bottom shelves and  I could decorate the top.  Sounds perfect, yes?  I just need to run to Cincinnati real quick like………..:)


Here’s everyone all together-like.  I’m thinking white frames on the walls…..with some various art pieces/photos around the room. 


What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I think you stole my color pallet (along with my lamp...I totally had that one first), which means I love it. I guess sisters do think a lot alike. :)