Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goody Two Shoes

I have some important clothing needs before the new school year starts.  Pants.  Shoes.  I don’t really have either.  I sort of wore out the old.  So I have been bargain hunting online, and tonight I solved one of my problems.  I bought a new pair of black and a new pair of brown dress shoes for the new school year.  Here they are:

shoes_ia91045 316RQ9s77oL__AA300_

And the best part:


I sure do love a good bargain.  Check out 6pm.com –that’s where I scored my super sweet deals.  You can guarantee I’ll be checking their website!

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Anonymous said...

Great Bargins on cute shoes! I also bought a few new school clothes for myself, still need new undies(Dad said so!)