Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not a moving or a cruisin….

So there are two things I need to write about.  My haircut and my car accident.  I don’t love my haircut right now…and the color is really bothering me, so I’m going to save that for a day or two.  In  hopes that the magic shower water will magically make it fade to an appropriate color.

So instead, I’ll tell you about my car.

Two weekends ago, after Mandy’s baby shower, I rear ended someone.  Quite seriously after the baby shower…I pulled out of the church parking lot, looked to make sure the piece of cake I was bringing home after much coercion (side note—I hate cake.  I think it’s disgusting and I never like eating it.  I always fake it, but really, I just don’t like it at all) wasn’t getting all over my car, failed to notice the van in front of me was turning left to go to Taco Bell, and bumped right into the back of him.  My front bumper fell off, his van was scratched.  After much cussing and screaming (him) and crying (me), the police came and took the accident report and we went on our merry way.  Another side note, the police officer who did the accident report later in that very day caught a criminal who was on the America’s Most Wanted list.  I like to think that I helped a little, you know, keeping him alert and all. 

Oh, I kid.

We went through the insurance process, he attempted to claim more damage than I had caused, was shot down, and eventually came to the point where my car could go to the beauty parlor and make herself pretty again.  We took her there on Monday.  They thought she’d be ready in a week.

They called today.  Apparently, they can’t get the parts for my car until Friday.  The parts are coming from Louisville.  That’s an hour away.  She ordered them on Monday.  It is taking five full business days to get parts from Louisville.  Ridic.

With that said, my car won’t be ready until next Thursday.  I start meetings and teacher days for school that following Monday.  Which means that I have from Thursday when I get my car back until Sunday night to get my classroom ready for this school year.  And did I mention that they turn the air off Friday-Monday?

That’s just fantastic.

In the meantime, Oliver and I are at home.  Trying to do as much school stuff as I can without being in the school. 

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