Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Dinner Date

Andy and I went on a dinner date tonight—to a nice place in our very own town.   I hardly knew such a thing existed!

We went to the 605 Grille that is located downtown.  It doesn’t actually have a sign, but the building is painted bright pink, so it’s hard to miss.

When we got there, we were the only people there.  (It was early…we eat at old people early times sometimes) and we got to take in the restaurant.  It was fairly small, but sweet.  It was very neutral, but in an interesting way.  I quickly recognized several decoration pieces that came from my favorite Swedish home store (or as I told Andy—my happy place).

The menu itself was fairly small—only one page front and back.  The front had appetizers and the salads.  All of the lettuces were locally grown and organic.  They make all of their salad dressings.  The restaurant is only open for the evening meal on Wednesday-Saturday and our waitress told us that the prep work for all of the salad dressings takes almost a whole day each week.  Andy and I both had the house salad with ranch and I could have cried it tasted so good.  The lettuce was a mesclun mix which we had EVERYWHERE on our honeymoon in Maine, but you rarely find in Indiana.  And the ranch was so perfect.  I wanted to lift up my little container and LICK IT OUT, but I refrained. 

They also have a pretty cool beer menu (the wine list looked nice too).  All but one of the beers was brewed in Indiana (the last was from Kalamazoo, MI).  There are only microbrews on tap.  None of the big names.  Andy had something, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it.  Except that it was good at first, then really bitter.

Our food was really awesome too!  Andy got their 605 burger, which was made with locally grown grass-fed beef and he had his topped the Monterey Jack.  There was a ton of cheese on it….I didn’t get a bite before he plowed through it, but he said it was excellent.  I had the lemon-thyme chicken with coq au vin sauce.  It was SO GOOD.  The flavors were excellent and the chicken was perfect.  I loved the sauce.  My green beans tasted like they had been grilled rather than sauteed and they had a really unique flavor.  And my mashed potatoes were awesome.  Especially mixed with a little of the sauce from the chicken.  I have had a serious craving for mashed potatoes recently (like all this year, really) and these really hit the spot.

All in all, we had a sweet little date in a nice spot that didn’t feel like it was actually in our town.  I think we’ll definitely go back!

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