Saturday, July 17, 2010

Short Summer

I have three weeks of summer left.  I am not supposed to start until August 11, and that’s only supposed to be a half day.  But that’s not going to work out this year.  I have to go to meetings on the 9th and 10th because I am coteaching a class this year.  And I have work a full day on the 11th because of the grant I’m involved in.

So there are only three weeks of summer left.  In those three weeks I need to….

--finish purging the rest of the house

--go to the Goodwill as many times as it takes to get rid of the stuff we’re getting rid of

--replace all of the dress pants that made me look like I had male parts

--replace the dress shoes that were worn through the toes

--finish my project for school….I only have about 35 more hours of work

--get my room together

--get my plans in order for the beginning of the year

--go school shopping

--work on some new organizational systems (for home and school)

Somewhere in there I’d like to do something fun.  That’s the one thing that’s really been missing this summer.  This has been the shortest summer…and I feel like every second of it has been filled with something.  I really just want some time to be home…to do fun stuff…to relax..and to enjoy myself.

I think I’m going to take this morning and go read.  I can’t have the whole day—the house is still in various states of disarray because Andy and I cleaned out the extra bedrooms (we took 4 garbage bags of clothes to the Goodwill…and had 5 HUGE bags of trash between the two of us) and that left some goofy stuff in random places….and I have some last minute things to do for the baby shower I am c0hosting tomorrow (I can’t wait to show those pictures).

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Anonymous said...

add to your list! need to find a doctor in the area and get a check up. Love you