Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Great (totally and completely overhyped) storm of the year

So….all week, we were supposed to have huge amounts of snow on Thursday.

Originally, we were going to have 11 inches on Thursday…effectively shutting down the town.  Then it was only 4 inches coming late Thursday.  By Thursday, the snow was definitely going to be south of here, leaving us with the possibility of 1-3 inches on Friday.  My students had their time off planned.  They were ready for it.

My parents caught wind that something was going on south of them, and they were concerned.  You see, we are supposed to meet them in Indianapolis today for lunch to celebrate their fabulous oldest daughter’s upcoming mega-huge adult birthday.  But they didn’t want that delightful daughter and charming son-in-law out if the roads were treacherous.

I assured them that we would be fine.

By email and by phone.  Mom emailed.  Dad called.  Frankly, I was starting to wonder if they just really didn’t want to have lunch with us :)

Well, Mom and Dad, here’s the terrible snowfall that hit this little town.  It may be tough, but I think we’ll be able to manage those treacherous roads and emerge victorious in our battle against the weather.


I love you guys :)


Anonymous said...

Mega Huge Birthday??? You made me do math without a calculator.....

Hope you have a nice lunch and birthday.

Love Aunt Cris

junesixth said...

Oh man, I bet it took forever to dig out of that mess. I hope the snow is just as horrible next week when you head north again. :o)

Anonymous said...

Note to self: get Andy a snow blower for his birthday (even though it is in June).

:) I am glad you guys were able to make it to Indy with the insane weather. Let me know what time you might be stopping by this weekend. I will even buy Andy a milkshake if he wants one (you can have one too, but I know it wouldn't make for an enjoyable night).