Monday, January 18, 2010

Inside my head

I still have lots of words inside of me.

Mr. Kim is here.  He is the neighbor’s cat, but sometimes he hangs out here.  It helps curb Andy’s desires for pets and babies to have him around.  He can move in if that’s all it takes.

Andy has washed his new car twice in the last three weeks.  My car hasn’t been washed since before I got married.  I think my dad was the last one to wash it.

I’m afraid of car washes.

Drive thru’s too.  I’ve never done one.

I’m afraid I’ll hit something.

One time at the bank, I hit my side mirror on the brick dividing wall.

My classes were better behaved today.  I hope they are starting to mature.  I told them they needed too.  But I don’t know if they listen.

I’m thinking about not eating sugar anymore.  I can’t seem to control myself, so I think it might be better to just get my sugars from fruit and be done with the other stuff.  But that would mean I couldn’t drink my morning coffee, because I need some sweetener.

I’m going to have to think about that.

Every time I here the word Haiti, I tear up.  I keep praying for the orphans from Belloc, the orphanage our church supports. 

I have a load of dishes in the sink.

I always hope if I let them soak in hot water long enough, they’ll magically be clean.

Andy said that doesn’t work.  And he gets irritated because my dishes aren’t clean enough.  I never had to handwash dishes.  I really don’t know how.

My stomach hurts.  So does my throat.

I think it’s because of the climate change in my classroom.  I was freezing until 2 and then I couldn’t stop sweating.

I created lesson materials like a madwoman today.  I made two vocab lists, designed materials for a whole multi-genre unit, and did three days worth of grammar slides. 

I’m exhausted.

I hope Andy comes home early tonight.  I need to use my words.

I need to exercise.  I haven’t since Thursday.  That’s no good.

I lost two pounds last week.

That was exciting….hopefully I’ll have another two this week.  I haven’t been under my calorie count since Thursday either.

I think when left to my own devices I turn into a lazy, non-exercising eater.  I’m glad I have a husband around to keep me in check.

Okay.  That’s good.  My fingers hurt.


Anonymous said...

Could you have mono?

Anonymous said...

When you start a dinner make up your hot soapy water as your food cooks wash up dishes from the meal before and as you cook and dirty things by the time you are ready to eat you have most of your clean up done when your kitchen is clesn it is easier to start the next meal. It took a long time for me to get on to it! love