Friday, January 22, 2010

10 Signs that Maybe you spend too much money on sushi…but are certainly loved at one restaurant in particular :)

Sign Number 1--When you start to enter said restaurant, the manager pulls the door in and pretends to keep you out as a joke

Sign Number 2--When you enter said restaurant, said manager says, "Hey guys, where have you been?  I haven't seen you in a few weeks.

Sign Number 3--Your husband shoots you a look like, "I told you we shouldn't have cheated on this restaurant with that other restaurant"

Sign Number 4--Things you didn't order appear at your table

Sign Number 5--The manager and sushi chefs take part in the ordering of your meal, offering advice, suggestions, and telling you try some of the specials, and one of the sushi chef tells you to "just use your pinchers" on the Dino egg someone chose to order

Sign Number 6--No one says a word when your husband uses your soup spoon to drink the last of his ginger dressing out of his salad bowl--that boy could lick up a ladle of that stuff (and he does when I make it at home) (also, one of the very few times that I must make a conscious choice to respect my husband when I really don’t want to…oh, I kid)

Sign Number 7--The manager tells you that the Snowball roll is actually called a Pla*boy (no way do I want people googling that and finding this)  roll everywhere but his boss thought that offensive

Sign Number 8--You leave with two of the ceramic glasses that their house drinks come in (one shaped like a geisha, the other like a Buddha) (Andy's response--to me, not to them--Is that an idol?  Is it bad to have?)

Sign Number 9--When your husband mentions that perhaps he ordered too much (he did) the manager says, "No man, I told you--there is no too much"

Sign Number 10--As you leave, they call out after you, "Don't wait another two weeks--come back this weekend."

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