Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here’s to a less distracted 2010

I have not started out the new year strong.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had fun.  But my brain is all afuzz right now. 

On Friday, New Year’s Day, we left in the early afternoon to go visit our friends Jon and Carrie in Louisville.  We were fully intending to stay through the weekend—Carrie and I went to see White Christmas the musical last night.

After we arrived, we were out to lunch at Qdoba.  As I was filling my water glass, I had the following conversation in my head:

“Oh hey, that tea is John Conti brand.  Doesn’t John Conti make coffee too?  Did I drink any of the coffee I brewed this morning.  No.  I didn’t.  Did I go back in the kitchen after I turned the coffee pot on?  No.  I left the coffee pot on.  Crap.”

So…after we ate lunch, we took a detour back to our house to turn off the coffee pot (while we were here…we watched a movie…and someone else left a space heater on the rest of the weekend).

Yesterday I wasn’t terribly fuzzy.  But I also didn’t do much.  So I probably would have been.

Today.  Oh today.  First, I grabbed a bag of apples at the grocery store that were totally rotted through.  So we had to go back to return them.  Then I put eggs on to hardboil and I forgot about them.  I went racing into the kitchen (Andy thought there was someone at the door)….and pulled them from the burner.  I sacrificed one egg, and was glad to find that it was in perfect shape.  I hadn’t overdone them yet.

If I keep doing things like this, I may end up burning the house down or hurting myself.  So here’s to hoping I can get my head on straight in 2010.  Like tomorrow, maybe.  Since I have to go back to work and all.

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