Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Thoughts

I love a new year.  As a teacher, I like that I get to have two new years every year—a new school year and a new calendar year.

I love the idea of a fresh start, of a do-over.  In my classroom, my high school kids get a fresh start of sorts each six weeks.  Because we’re on a trimester, they get report cards every six weeks.  At the start of each new term, I remind them that it doesn’t matter what happened last time around.  This is their chance for a fresh start.  And I let them know that I want to help them—because I want them to succeed (for some of them, more than they want to succeed).  I want this six weeks to be their best one yet.

A new year is like that for me.  A chance to begin again.  A chance to line up my priorities and get a do-over.  A chance to forget about my shortcomings in the past, and start fresh in the new year.  A chance to make this year the best one yet.

So here are my plans for the new year…my chance at a do-over.

1. Keeping a clean house.  I’ve gotten better at keeping things tidier, at least for the most part.  But I still have a long way to go.  I am a natural slob married to a man who can’t function with clutter.  So this year, I want to do better at keeping our house in order.  My hope is to turn myself into a “clean a little each day” type of person so that it never gets too overwhelming.

2. Figuring out my eating/exercising.  I have recently figured out that eating gluten makes me sick to my stomach, so I’ve been trying to sort out what I can and cannot eat right now.  I’d like to get into a consistent diet and exercise routine, and maybe drop a few of the nearly 20 pounds I’ve gained since getting married. 

3. Focusing more on others and less on myself.  I so often get focused on myself—my wants, my desires, my whatever.  I’m kind of over me.  I want to look at others and see what they need and try to help.  I want to be aware of this in my home, in my classroom, in my church, and in the community.

4. Stick to the family budget.  We have one.  I’d just like us to work together to stick to it and make it work.

5. Be in the Word consistently.  I am really sporadic.  I may be totally on it with the Lord for one week…then take a three week hiatus.  I want to be consistent.  I am fully aware of the differences in my attitudes, my actions, and my relationships when I am not carving out time with the Lord.  I need to stop sabotaging myself.

There you have it….My five areas for growth in 2010. 

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