Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Shouldn't You Leave Your Purse Unattended?

I am completely aware of the double negative-ish thing going on there in my title.

But I'm not going to fix it.

Do you know why you shouldn't leave a purse unattended? Identify theft? Stolen credit cards? Loss of the perfect lipstick?

Oh no.

Not in my life.

Leave your purse unattended after the ladies luncheon at church, and you just might find this:

That's right. A drawing in ink on your purse. What do you think? I'm thinking she's an angel? but she doesn't look so angelic on my sweet purse. Now that I've shown you my pretty angel, I'm off to google "removing ink from fake leather"

Here's to hoping we can save the purse. Or my next google search will be "really cute brooch" so I can cover it :)

1 comment:

junesixth said...

Ugh. What a bummer! I hope your googling went well...even if it means you came up with a cute broach. I love you. Have a lovely're SO close to the end.