Friday, August 6, 2010

My summer music favorites

So…..I have a slightly obsessive personality.  Which probably isn’t so surprising.  But when I like something, I REALLY like it.  Like I like it until I wear it out.  Like…watching Grease multiple times a day over Christmas break in sixth grade.  Like…the summer LK and I watched Angels in the Outfield at least once a day.  Like….the continual repeat of Gilmore Girls seasons my junior and senior of college.  Like….watching every episode of The Office on my honeymoon (Andy hadn’t seen them….and I was sick).  You get the picture.

It hasn’t changed.  I’m still obsessive.  It might be shows about serial killers in Miami, or it could be shows about telling your kids how you met their mother, but it’s really these two cds.  These are my summer obsessions.

First up: Jake Brothers “Reflection of You”


Jake was the worship leader at camp this year, and I was truly impressed with him.  He was a fantastic worship leader with a real heart to serve the Lord.  He is the music pastor at a church in Indianapolis and does retreats and events on the side.  Honestly, he was great.  And so is this cd.  It’s really beautiful and I love it.

And the second: Adie “Just You and Me”


Adie is Adie Camp…Jeremy Camp’s wife.  This is her second cd (I have the first was the obsession a few summers ago).  This cd is so peaceful and so beautiful.  It has been in my car cd player nearly constantly this summer.  I so love it.  Her voice is so sweet, so gentle.  I just love this cd so much.

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