Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Deals on a Wednesday morning

I did some online shopping this morning.  It started out as a comparison thing, but then I just went for it.

Shopping Stop #1:

Oliver eats Hills Science Diet Small Bites Puppy Formula.  It’s quite a mouthful.  But not really because it’s the small bite formula.  Ha.  I crack myself up.

Ollie’s food is kind of a pain.  There are only two places it’s available in our town—the vet’s office and the Tractor Supply Company.  The vet only sells the 5.5 lb. bag, and we use that WAY too quickly, so it’s out.  Tractor Supply has the 15.5 lb. bag, but it’s like 30 dollars.  It’s a bit more expensive than if we buy it at PetSmart or Petco…but the pet stores are a 45 minute drive.  So, I have to weigh that out.

Last night, I saw the PetSmart commercial talking about their sale…and decided to see if I could get a deal on the dog food.  And I did!  A 35 lb. bag of Oliver’s food was on sale for 39.99.  Then I found coupon code using that helped me save another 10%.  And I used, where I could earn 6% cash back.  The shipping was pretty high, but there was no way I could get out of it.  In total, I paid 6 dollars less for 35 lbs. of food than I would have if I had bought two 15.5 lb. bags at TSC. Plus I earned a little cash back.  So, I’d call that a success.

Shopping Stop #2: Old Navy (.com)

While I was on ebates (seriously…if you’re not using this and you do any online shopping…start now.  Better yet, let me know that you want to start now and I’ll send you a referral) I saw that Old Navy was offering 10% cash back.  And I had a coupon code for 15% off and free shipping in my email.  And I have very few short sleeved shirts for the start of the school year, and the whole record setting heat business kind of made me think I would want a few more.  And the slub knit rosette tee that I have been drooling over all summer long and that had disappeared when I went to order it a few weeks ago had reappeared.  


So I bought two.  It will be perfect for the first weeks of the year…and I can always put something under it later on.  I also got an oxford shirt and a necklace.  And I paid 30 dollars less than full price.  And I earned 5 dollars cash back.  All for things I needed!

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couponboa said...

Lovely blog.

Lots of hugs for Oliver. PetSmart offers amazing deals, must I agree with you. And BTW, there's a free shipping coupons from PetSmart for Advantage And K9advantix Flea & Tick Products. The code is - 'CABINFLAT' for free shipping. Hope this helps you, or, your visitors.