Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Banana Republic

Dearest Banana,

I love you.  I just wanted you to know that.  My feelings for you have long been on the passionate side, and I do so love the opportunity to purchase your clothing.  I think I love you the most, because I can visit you so rarely.  You see, dear Banana, I am what you might call a cheapskate, and your prices make my blood pressure rise in a not-so-good way.  But sometimes, sometimes, my dear one, you are totally and completely worth it.  Especially when you are thirty percent off.  You see, my sweet Banana, I really love your timeless tees.  They are seriously the very best t-shirt I have ever worn.  There is no comparison.  I feel sad when I have to wear other t-shirts now.  Because you are my one true love.  I thought that I loved Target’s t-shirts.  But then I met you.  And I have worn my black and white timeless tees every single week this summer (sometimes more than once….I’m ashamed to admit it, but a few times I sniff checked and re-wore…that’s how much I love you).  I want another of each….I feel like I can work out every school outfit for at least 90 percent of the year around these two shirts.  Probably.


Last week, I found a new love.  You see, my old black pants had been from your less fabulous (but still lovely) sister Old Navy.  They were fine, but they were sort of itchy and fit funny.  I decided to give them to new owners and find a new pair.  Then I found the Jackson Wide Leg suit pant.  And the world was right.  Those pants fit me perfectly.  The skimmed properly, they fit well all over (well…the waistband is a bit snug, but that’s not your fault…that’s excessive consumption of Schwan’s Sweet and Salty ice cream and macaroni and cheese and I’m attempting to rectify that at the gym).  They are the perfect black pant.  I have long loved Ann Taylor LOFT’s Julie pant….but I think Jackson may be the winner in this battle.   And since I’ll probably wear them twice a week for the next 36 weeks, I was totally fine with paying a little more for them.

bananajacksonpant x

In short, dear BR, I just want you to know, I’ve got your back.  You’re my BFF, and I will totally splurge on you for wardrobe staples.

Until next time,



PS—Don’t even get me started on how much I love you sister GAP’s men’s clothing right now…..seriously.

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