Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Perfect Bride

Saturday was my sweet old roommate Lauren’s wedding day.  And she was the perfect bride.  I am sorry to every other bride ever in the history of weddings, but Lauren was the perfect one.  Hands down.  She wins.  The girl was stunning, oh so calm and collected, and just absolutely delightfully charming.  She cannot be beat.  Her wedding was perfect.  She was perfect.  I’ll show you (with photos stolen from the other two Ashley bridesmaids…I forgot my camera, and left Andy in charge of taking pictures, so I have very little to show for the weekend).

Here they are perfectly rehearsing for the wedding:

Here is our perfect rehearsal dinner meal (w0ohoo for Moe’s)

The perfect couple listening to their friends and family share favorite memories:

The perfect bride and her maids wearing nasty hotel robes the night before the big day:

An obligatory “hair done, no makeup” shot before we head back to meet up with the perfect bride:

The perfect bride’s dress, and the sweetest ever bridesmaid dress:

The perfect bride having her perfect shoes put on

The perfect flowers

The perfect reception:

We missed a shot of the perfect first dance and the perfect cake (I wish we had a cake shot…it was STUNNING), but here is the perfect garter toss

There was a lot more perfect dancing and laughing and enjoying.  All up into what felt like the wee hours of that perfect morning.  The perfect bride still looked stunning, even when her bridesmaids looked like this:

Eventually the sweet perfect couple left to start their perfect honeymoon.  And that ends the story of the perfect wedding. 

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