Friday, June 26, 2009

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go

I have a packing problem.  It’s called I’m a scatter-brained packer and I always forget importannt things.

Socks.  Toothbrushes.  Clothes.  All sorts of things.  On my most recent vacation, I was asked on more than one occasion what exactly I had remembered.  The answer was not much.  This time, though, I tried to get an early start.  An early start on the packing, so I could sort through and make sure I had everything.  It kind of helped that I had ordered a lot of new clothes right beforehand, so I had a lot of the stuff right on-hand to stick into the suitcase.  Here’s a sampling of what went into my bags:

More clothes, swimsuits, shoes, etc….and a pile of books.

Andy needed pretty much everything.  Working a full time job had cut down on his summer wardrobe.  He had broken most of his shorts, and was wearing t-shirts from his old and new jobs (we’ll discuss that later…I have much to say)  Luckily, Old Navy was having a HUGE men’s sale and Kohls had some great deals too, so he got an entire new wardrobe for very little money.  A sampling of Andy’s bag:

I’ll spare you what he had to say about the plaid on these sandals, just know it was mildly offensive

Three (I think) different colors of this short (they were under 10 dollars!)

These swim trunks in green and brown (under 10!)

And many more shirts….mostly plain t-shirts and polos.  I have no idea what else is in his bag.  Some crossword puzzles and Sudoku books.  Deodorant.  Things like that.  But we are off!  We leave on our jet plane tomorrow, and won’t be back again for a whole week.  I think I have another book review scheduled, but I don’t remember.  So you may see that :) 

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