Monday, June 1, 2009

A Big Day

Today is a big day for our little family.  Andy starts a new job here in town today.  For the past three years, since graduation, he has worked for one company.  This winter, he started to do some freelance work—one job for a place here in town, and several jobs for places in Louisville and around.  About four weeks ago, someone at the place in town mentioned that possibility that they might be looking for someone to do some of what Andy does on a full-time basis, and that they wished Andy was available.  It was mentioned to my sweet husband, and he jumped at the chance.  He interviewed one afternoon and accepted the position not two hours later.  It was all very exciting.

Things have been sort of bittersweet these past few weeks.  He didn’t dislike his old job, but the change should be good.  He’s excited, but he’s going to miss the people he works with.  On Friday, the president of the company stopped him to tell him that he was welcome to come back any time, to visit or to work.  They really like him, they really respect him, and they are really upset that he is leaving.  I am so enormously proud of my husband.  He went above and beyond trying to finish up jobs and make things as easy as possible for the company.  He worked extra hours last week to finish up projects, because no one else currently there can do what he does.  I just feel like that’s a real testament to his character.  He is a good man, that sweet husband of mine….even if he does talk in his sleep and suck up crickets in my vacuum cleaner.

So today, I’ll be praying for my sweet husband and his new job.  (My sanity too, on the last THREE student days)

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The joys of being a tired teacher!!lol mom