Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taking care of Liam (or weird things I might forget to tell my parents this weekend)

Here are some current odd things that are involved in Liam’s care these days.

-The bathroom door must remain closed at all times.  ALL TIMES.

-Ollie’s food and water can generally only be down when L is asleep.

-When you take the dog potty, be prepared for the baby to expect to come outside…like he will hear the front door open from three rooms away and start crawling as fast as he can…if he doesn’t get to go out, expect him to stand in the door, pounding and screaming.

-L only takes two bottles of formula now…one when he wakes up, and one at bedtime.  He drinks three bottles of milk each day.  Warmed for 25 seconds in the microwave.  (I need to wean from bottles next..we’ll get there.  Next month)

-Ollie is to be put away while Liam eats and cannot have any food.  He turns into a butt when he eats people food. 

-(This might just be me) When I put on my walking shoes, L crawls to the stroller and pulls himself up.

-If you say, “Good job, Liam” he may very well clap for himself.

-Liam drinks water like it’s going out of style.  He loves to have a sippy while he is in his stroller or his carseat…dude can drink a whole sippy on a walk.  We give him a sippy cup filled about 1/3 full for naps and bedtimes to help him settle down.  Also, he is going through diapers very quickly right now.  They are filling fast.

-If L goes in the office, he’s probably trying to get on my computer.  If he goes to our room, he is probably trying to get in the dog cage, pull the guitar down, or yanking the alarm clock down.  In the kitchen, he will probably try to open the drawer under the stove.

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