Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Liam

Liam's 1st Birthday 045

Sweet Liam turned one last week, and we had his birthday party the weekend before.  We did his party in Indianapolis, at Andy’s parents house, because it was a more central location (also…our house is small) and it was easier for Andy’s parents…his dad is travelling again for work, but he wears out quickly, so it was nice that they just got to stay home and the fun came to them.  Ultimately, I tried to not go too overboard.  We had Liam’s baby books out, and I attempted the photo thing above…definitely looked better in my head.  We had Jimmy John’s for lunch…it’s long been a favorite of Andy’s, and he wanted it for our rehearsal dinner when we got married, but it didn’t work it…so I was more than happy to give my husband what he wanted five years later. A party with Jimmy Johns.  Of course, I had to get something I wanted as well…so we ordered IZZE sodas in a can from Amazon….we first had them on our honeymoon, and I have been in love ever since.  And we also included Liam’s favorite food: goldfish crackers.  You know, since it was his birthday and all.

Liam's 1st Birthday 050Liam's 1st Birthday 047

I was originally thinking whales for Liam’s party based on one of his baby blankets my mom made that I adore.  But then I found these napkins and plates at Target, and decided to just go for the brightly colored array.  The runner is just a few yards of fabric from fabric.com…I will probably use them for something else later….I just found a fabric I loved and went with it.

Liam's 1st Birthday 055Liam's 1st Birthday 057

My mom made the individual fruit pizzas, and they were a hit.  I saw the husbands of a few friends eating multiples (like 3 or more each).  They were darn good.  My sister added some vanilla and cinnamon to the cream cheese mix and it was awesome.  The cupcakes just about did me in.  I tried to make a batch on Thursday night from a mix.  They exploded everywhere and were ugly.  Then I made homemade and they were fine…but I made the frosting too runny so it ran everywhere.  Then after we got home, Andy told me that we should have used the ugly ones because they tasted better.  I think I’ll buy my cakes in the future.

Liam's 1st Birthday 062Liam's 1st Birthday 064Liam's 1st Birthday 074

Liam with my grandparents…I love the way he is watching my grandpa in that second picture.

Liam's 1st Birthday 078Liam's 1st Birthday 081

Liam with Andy’s parents—can you believe how good Andy’s dad looks?  I am amazed at how he has recovered from having a lung removed…and all of the horrible things that happened after that initial surgery.

Liam's 1st Birthday 110

Playing with Ady.  These two had a blast hanging out—and they get to do it again in a few weeks for Ady’s birthday party

Liam's 1st Birthday 114Liam's 1st Birthday 128

Liam’s favorite toy—my dad.

Liam's 1st Birthday 134

New presents

Liam's 1st Birthday 153Liam's 1st Birthday 157Liam's 1st Birthday 164

Ady was in love with Elmo…Liam loves him too.  And everyone loved the dog guitar.

Liam's 1st Birthday 174Liam's 1st Birthday 178

Birthday cake!

Liam's 1st Birthday 209

With Andy’s grandma, and with my dad again (he gravitates towards his grandpas….he likes to climb my dad and he points at Andy’s dad)

Liam's 1st Birthday 278Liam's 1st Birthday 293

Playing with Uncle Mike’s sunglasses, and then with a balloon with Uncle Mike and Aunt Mavis

Liam's 1st Birthday 324Liam's 1st Birthday 327

And finally: Aunt Lauren.  Possibly his favorite person in the world (right after Andy)

Liam's 1st Birthday 334

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