Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Year Checkup

Liam had his one year appointment at the pediatrician yesterday.  Andy went with us for the first time since his one month, and I am glad he did.

Liam’s stats:

Height: 32 inches (98th percentile)

Head: (Large…98th percentile…technically height and head weren’t even on the chart)

Weight: 24 lbs. 14.5 oz (between 90-95th percentile)


Everything else was looking good.  He has a spot on his shoulder that feels like a veiny growth sort of thing, so his pediatrician was going to call the plastic surgeon at the children’s hospital in Louisville to ask about it because she didn’t know what it was.  We might have to make a trip there to get it checked, but it’s likely nothing.

After his checkup, he got 3 shots (one in the thigh and one in each arm) and then we had to go to the lab to have a finger prick for blood.  When he was all done, they gave him a sticker and a sucker (which he proceeded to get stuck to everything).  Here’s an up close shot of his sticker and the crumbs on his shirt:


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