Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something Cool

A few weeks ago, Andy was hanging out after work with a friend of his.  These two are extremely like-minded, and a good working team.  Which is good, since they work together.  Andy’s friend was lamenting the fact that he was bored with what he was currently doing and wanted to use his skills in a different way.  He challenged Andy (mostly jokingly, I think) to come up with a new idea, something that hadn’t been done, that they could do together.

If you know anything about my husband at all, you know that ideas and challenges are right up his alley.

Moments later, an idea came to him.  A social networking site where people could post about the good and interesting and cool things that happened during their day.  You see, my sweet husband has seen the vast number of social networking sites that are negative—making fun of people, complaining, and all sorts of negativity.  But he didn’t see anyone showing thankfulness and happiness or talking about the good and exciting things that each of us are blessed with.

Thus, the website Something Cool Happened was born. 

Almost immediately, these two started to work on this project in their spare time.  It’s become a sort of side-hobby project for them, something that they are both extremely excited about.  They have been working hard.  Trust me.  I’ve seen it.  They have invited two other people on to the project with them, because building a website with the functionality that they are after is a big job.

I’m writing about this now because they have update their website with the ability to pre-register for an account.  The first 1000 people to pre-register for an account will get to be a part of the beta site opening at the end of July.  Their hope is to have the website itself fully functional and open to the public by early this fall.  If you are interested at all, you can go here: http://register.somethingcoolhappened.com/

Even if you aren’t interested, it might be worth a look just to see the video Andy designed.  It’s pretty awesome.  Also, to laugh a bit when you realize that the voice-over is totally Andy’s voice….just way edited. 

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