Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Last Week

From Monday to Friday of this past week, I had the honor of attending Student Fusion Youth Camp with some of the youth at our church.  It was honestly a total blast, and I wish I hadn’t left my camera at home.  Here’s a quick rundown of the week.

Monday—Leave the church parking lot BRIGHT and EARLY to head out.  Spend two hours driving to camp.  Arrive, find our cabin, and meet the other girls in our cabin.  Monday was a settling day.  We had our opening celebration where we got to meet the worship leader and camp pastor (both awesome, by the way).  That night was our first evening worship service, where Mac (the camp pastor) spoke from the book of Jonah and challenged everyone to go to whatever Ninevah God is calling them to, instead of running to Tarshish.

Tuesday—We woke to a storm Tuesday morning.  We also quickly learned that the adult leaders were being called to participate in every game as competitors.  We had to run like madmen during games in the chapel.  In our adult Bible study that day we were talking about sharing the gospel, and I realized what a terrible job I have been doing.  That afternoon M and K, the two girls with me finally started to branch out and meet new people.  That night, Mac preached from 1 Samuel—the story of David’s annointing.  His main focus was that God called David up and told him he was worth it, even when his dad told Samuel that he was only a shepherd boy.  He wanted the students to realize that God thinks they are worth it, too.  I think it was a powerful message for both of our girls (probably our boy too).  They each come with their own full set of baggage, and I think it’s great for them to learn that God is bigger and better than their pasts.  During the afternoon, the kids all signed up for different track times—things that they wanted to do for their afternoons.  I ended up in duct tape art—where I made a kickin duct tape wallet Tuesday afternoon and Creative Movement….which ended up being a lot of fun.  For creative movement, we used blacklights and white gloves to do a performance with our hands to the song “Praise you in the storm.”  We made thunderclouds, spelled out Jesus, Amen, and made a hill with a cross and a variety of other things.  We performed on Friday morning in front of the whole camp.

Wednesday and Thursday—About the same as Tuesday.  The formats of our full days of camp were the same.  We had morning celebration, recreation time, group Bible study time, lunch, track times, free time, supper, evening worship, church group devotions, and then late night.  The late night times were different each day---we had a bonfire, battle of the sexes, blow up night (with inflatables), and a talent show.  The girls really settled in by this point in the week—so much so that they became impossible to wake up in the morning :)  There were two other churches in our cabin, and it was a perfect mix.  All of the girls got along really well and were just really sweet together.  I think one of the girls bought every Slim Jim they sold in the gift shop.  They both came out of their shells and really had a blast.  It was exciting to see them open up just a little and have fun with new people.

This week was an awesome week.  It was challenging, to be sure, but I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be there.  I can’t even begin to formulate the words to describe this week.  That’s why this is so vague and generic.  Truly, I’m still working out this week for me.  But it was pretty great :)

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