Thursday, February 11, 2010

Too Funny

Andy has been reading Dracula since late November.

If you know my husband, you realize that this is a big deal.  He’s not really a reader.  Or any anything that requires sitting still-er.

  He started in book form (somehow we have two copies, but neither of us had read it).  Now he uses my Kindle when I’m not using it.  He’s 47 percent of the way through it.

I know this because he said it no less than 19 times last night.

As we attempted to watch watched the movie, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” using the nifty Netflix on Demand feature on the PS3.

He was instantly disgusted.  “This is not in the book.  This isn’t like the book at all.  This is ruining everything.  I hate this.  The book is so much better.”

I was somewhat confused….and I asked him, “Haven’t you ever heard that the book is ALWAYS better than the movie?”

He looked at me, puzzled and frustrated.

“Ashley, I’ve never read a book that’s been made into a movie before.”

It was my turn to look puzzled and frustrated.  He had never read a book that had been made into a movie?  How was that possible.

That’s when he admitted it.

“Ashley, I’ve never really read a WHOLE book before.”

(except for the Tom Clancy books he borrowed from my dad earlier in the fall)


Anonymous said...

Remember not everyone is book savy like your family who can read endless hours away for sheer relaxtion. But, we are getting Andy hooked more and more every year!

Anonymous said...

I may have the best brother-in-law ever! :)