Saturday, February 13, 2010

A few of my favorites from today….

Spending the whole day with this cutie (this photo is a few months old…add about 6 inches of snow for today and no trash ‘stache…but he did wear that outfit) (even if he did admit tonight that continuing in his role of the worst gift giving husband in the world, we are going to have to go to WalM*rt tomorrow so I can pick  out a gift for myself for Valentine’s Day.  Even though going to WalM*rt is totally punishment)(and this is after he asked me three weeks ago what I wanted for my birthday and/or Valentines Day and I gave him a very lovely, very simple list)(can someone please remind him three weeks before our anniversary that he actually likes me? thanks :))

The Year 2009 1408

A yummy breakfast of vanilla yogurt and frozen mixed berries (just as good as McDonalds fruit and yogurt—and much cheaper


Shrimp Pad Thai

Watching an old favorite

4 phone calls with these people

The Year 2009 499

And…..continuing in the tradition of watching bad movies from Netflix on Demand and making fun of them as we watch

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