Monday, February 8, 2010

25 was kind of a letdown.

So yesterday was my birthday.  And I’m going to choose to forget about it.

Because it was really kind of horrible.

The snow that dropped across the state ruined our weekend plans….and I was unable to get out of the funk that put me in.  I was supposed to spend the weekend with one of my MOST FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER.  Who, by the way, I officially haven’t seen in 8 months…since her freaking wedding day.

So the whole being stuck in a town that I hate thing instead?  Wasn’t working for me. 

Andy pulled up this picture and told me it was me:

I didn’t find it so humorous.  So I did.  Cry, that is.  A few times.

And ate a whole box of Kraft macaroni and cheese by myself.  Hello, stomach pain.  When you’ve been fairly gluten free for about 6 weeks….I don’t recommend tossing back a whole box of mac and cheese to reintroduce it to your system.

Sunday (my actual birthday) my husband wanted to strangle me (he didn’t say it….I’m inferring).  He suggested we leave the house.  And began asking repeatedly whether I was sure I didn’t want to go see the Super Bowl at his parents house.

Eventually, I figured it out.  So we went to his parents house to watch the Super Bowl. 

We were going to go for a nice lunch, but I couldn’t taste anything (my nose is still clogged) so we stopped by Chipotle instead.  It was still nice, but in a price range that wasn’t ridiculous for one who could scarcely taste.  At least I know the chicken in my tacos is free range.  I learned that on Oprah. 

And the Super Bowl.  Was a super letdown.  Apparently the other 49 states of the Union were all for the Saints, so good for them.  But Indianapolis was not pleased.  So not pleased, in fact, that someone ran a red light and nearly slammed into our car on the way home.  I only vaguely remember it because I took some Nyquil before we hit the road.  (Nyquil that my husband was NOT carded when purchasing—why the double standard, kitty cat?)

But I am happy for Drew Brees.  My all-time favorite Purdue quarterback.  I told Andy all week long that I wouldn’t be too disappointed if the Colts lost because my loyalty to Drew goes pretty deep. I mean, sharing a fight song is kind of a big deal.  And he was THE ROSE BOWL quarterback…even if they did lose.  And, well, my mama always said my daddy taught Lauren and I to bleed black and gold (Purdue black and gold…not New Orleans black and gold).  I am a Colts fan…but I don’t bleed blue and white.  My Purdue loyalties, they are the real deal.  Plus, Drew did some pretty awesome PEFCU (Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union) commercials that played the whole time I was in college.  And this sort of melts your heart.

So there’s my commentary on Drew Brees. 

And it’s past 11 on a school night and I’m still awake.

I’m banking on the 4-8 inches of snow that’s supposed to start in an hour.  And assuming I’ll be home tomorrow.  I’m sort of hosed if it doesn’t happen.


Anonymous said...

Happy 25th. Birthday Love Ya Gram

junesixth said...

Just think of it this way, 25 is not over yet. In (less than) a month you will have not one friend but two and a wonderful birthday celebration with a pretty little cake sans gluten. (Nice move with the kraft mac, btw).

Also, I wanted to go explore some of the shops downtown and on the levee so March will (hopefully) be better for that. We're trying the positive thinking thing today!

Love you!