Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A looooong day

Today was a bad day. Not bad in like the world is coming to end bad. Just bad in the "I cried on my drive home and polished off two Reese's eggs and a bowl of fat-free Cool Whip with lite cherry pie filling when I got home because I am so frustrated and agitated and exhausted" bad way. We're talking some full on ugly crying into my bowl of Cool Whip.

It was a rough afternoon.

Thankfully, it's over. And I feel blessed by the Lord, because Legally Blonde is on Comedy Central right now. And if anything can pull me out of a funk, it's Legally Blonde. And I have Bible Study tonight...which totally blesses my soul. And then Andy and I are watching "Yes Man."

I have a ridiculous amount of schoolwork to do, but I just can't do it tonight. I need that little break. Truly, my head is spinning. I'll work hard tomorrow....and I'm taking a personal day on Friday, so I can get caught up some more this weekend. We have no real plans, but I'm hoping to head to C-ville, a nearby town, for lunch and Target and Old Navy.

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