Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Day the Calendar Smacked Me in the Face

On Tuesday, I will officially have six weeks of school left.  On yesterday, I realized that I will only be home for three of the next eleven weekends.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all of that.  And since everything in the world makes me freak out right now, I thought I’d make myself a small list for today, and focus on that (Andy will be doing yardwork through all of this….we split duties indoors/outdoors on busy weekends).  Most of these things are on my usual Saturday list…but we were gone on Saturday, so they got pushed back to Sunday.

-Go to SS, teach

-Nursery duty during church

-Drop off stuff for pregnancy center

-Get Sunday paper

-Make grocery list, clip coupons

-Meal plan for the week

-Grocery shop

-Clean kitchen (floor too)

-Pick up and dust living room

-Clean and mop bathroom

-Laundry (last night, when we got home from Indy and WL, I walked in our bedroom and shouted, “OH MY GOSH, Someone broke into our house and wore all our clothes and made a huge pile of laundry”  Andy only laughed a little.  I thought I was hysterical)

-Grade papers, get gradebook caught up so I can post right away Tuesday or Wednesday

-Go to Lowes, buy trimmer, bricks, grass seed, and a few more creeping phlox and whatever catches my eye

-Exercise with my buddy Jillian

-Watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 special at 9


Anonymous said...

The same dirty clothes theif came to Warren too! He also left a dishes and newspaper all over our house. I am hoping he comes back tomorrow to clean the house while I am at school.

I am also in MAJOR panic realizing that I too have only six weeks of school and I leave next Wednesday for three days at the SEES conference, and WAY TOO MUCH to do before that!

Anonymous said...

He came to third street too dirtied a lot of things this weekend, so I ran away for the day, but when I came home everything was still there!!