Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick Update

We are in Indy now.  Have been for almost two months.  We are still waiting on our house to sell, and we're still staying with Andy's parents.  We're sort of in a holding pattern right now.  One that I would like to end.  When Andy and I went to the Dominican Republic in 2009, we got stuck in a plane outside Miami.  We were so close, but we couldn't land.  We were in the plane, circling between Miami and Cuba for hours until a storm cleared and our flight was able to get some runway space.  Then we were stuck on the runway until we could get inside.  A layover that should have been 5 hours in Miami ended up being a mad dash through customs and security and a race to make our flight.  I remember snapping at a man who tried to cut in front of me in security and drawing the attention of several people around us.  I was aggravated, tired, and ready to be home.  That's what the past two months have been like.  Only we don't have a home to get to.  Not yet at least.  We're in a holding pattern.  And I am physically and mentally worn out over it.  I have pain down into my joints...literally, they are aching.  I don't know why....but this is a lot harder than it should be.  Andy's parents are so great, and we have been so blessed to be able to stay with them, but we're ready for our own place.  Our bed.  The chance to unpack Liam's toys and eat dinner on our own dishes.  For Ollie to snuggle on his own couch and for Andy to use up crazy amounts of our own water.

Really, we're fine.  We're doing well.  We would just love to have someone want to buy our we can do the same for someone else :)

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